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The HSBC Climate Partnership is a pioneering five-year collaboration between HSBC, WWF, The Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Its aim is to reduce the impact of climate change on people, forests, freshwater and cities, and to accelerate the adoption of clean, low-carbon technologies and policies.

Watch this video to see how the HSBC Climate Partnership is creating long-term environmental and business value.

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The Climate Partnership Review brings these achievements together. Simon Martin, Head of Group Corporate Sustainability, says: Solutions to climate change require collective action involving governments, NGOs, the public and the business community.

"The scale of the achievements announced today by the HSBC Climate Partnership shows that tangible results can be achieved by going beyond corporate sponsorship and adopting a more collaborative approach."

The HSBC Climate Partnership has allowed WWF to:

  • increase the income of 56,000 fish farmers in China by encouraging them to employ sustainable aquaculture techniques which significantly reduce water pollution
  • work with governments in China, India and Brazil to improve freshwater sources -directly benefitting, for example, 26 million people in China and 2 million in Brazil.

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