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How you can help the Australia fires

Australia is facing one of the most dangerous and catastrophic bushfire seasons it has ever seen. The fires are devastating - and the crisis is still ongoing. Many of you might feel powerless but here are some ways you can help.

Kookaburra looking on its destroyed home after a bushfire passed, Wallabi Point, NSW.

Become a Koala Protector

The Australian bushfires have devastated millions of species but one of the ones that have been hit the hardest are the already-in-decline koalas. Even without the fires, their habitat is under threat, trees are being bulldozed and land cleared at an unprecedented rate. Koala populations have declined by a staggering 42% over 20 years alone and the koala is at serious risk of becoming extinct in both New South Wales and Queensland.


Spread the word

Share it on social media. Speak to your family and friends about what’s happening. The more we spread the word, the more people will understand the need for urgent action. If the world doesn’t take action, extreme weather like this will become standard, with deadly consequences for people and nature.


Educate yourself

Gareth Redmond-King, our Head of Climate Change, explains how the climate crisis is making these fires worse and what actions you can take to help.

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