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This petition is now closed.

With your support, we presented our petition urging global leaders to end wildlife crime with 124,664 signatures at the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade on 11th October 2018.


If you would still like to help then join the amazing supporters that have called on their MP to fight for nature by signing our Environment Charter. Ask your MP to make sure we get an Environment Act that restores UK nature.


The UK Government will host the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade from 11-12 October which will be attended by leaders from across the world. We’re calling for action to:

  • Tackle corruption that fuels and is fostered by the trade
  • Improve conditions for rangers
  • Strengthen investigations and prosecutions for wildlife criminals
  • Close domestic ivory markets
  • Reduce demand for illegal wildlife products
  • Ensure that local communities benefit from wildlife conservation
  • Secure green corridors to provide critical habitats for wildlife and benefits for people

By signing our petition, we’ll show global leaders that you also support these calls for action needed to stamp out the illegal wildlife trade. 


The scale of the trade is shocking. On average, over 1,000 rhinos are slaughtered a year, 55 African elephants are killed a day, two tigers are poached each week and every five minutes a pangolin is snatched from the wild. This must stop now.

Wildlife crime is happening all over the world, with seizure data showing almost 7,000 species are affected. The illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth more than £15 billion a year.

And it’s not just wildlife that’s being destroyed – this ruthless trade puts rangers lives at risk, causes local communities to suffer and can even threaten national security.

With your support, WWF is fighting for our world and its wildlife. We are working hard to stop the poaching, stop the trafficking and stop the buying of wildlife illegal wildlife products. But we also need commitment and action from governments across the world to end this criminal activity before it’s too late for wildlife.