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What's the significance of China's ivory ban?

The ban in China could be a game changer for wild elephants. As the world's largest ivory trade market, it's been a huge player in the global poaching crisis. Now that it's illegal to buy and sell ivory in China, we're hoping to see an impact on elephant poaching.

It remains to be seen how effective the ban will be, and we'll be watching closely. For now, it's a big milestone in the fight against poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

Now, we need to see similar actions from the other big ivory markets in Asia.


The UK consultation and what it means for ivory trade

At the end of December the UK government's consultation on ivory trade closed. It asked the public for opinions on whether stricter controls should be imposed on the legal ivory trade in the UK, and an amazing 60,000 people submitted responses.

Now we need the UK Government to act quickly and make the stronger ivory ban a reality. In 2018 the UK must be at the front and centre of global efforts to end the illegal wildlife trade.


Looking ahead

Thank you to over 50,000 people who have signed our petition calling on the government to take a stronger stance on ivory trade. There's still time to add your voice to ensure that the UK is a global leader in the fight against elephant poaching.

In October 2018 world leaders will meet at the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade. We'll be calling for urgent action from all countries involved, and we'll need your help. We hope you'll stay with us as we get closer to ending the illegal wildlife trade once and for all.