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By 2012 we aim to only use FSC (or where FSC isn't available, an equivalent independent standard) or recycled wood in material ranging from toilet tissue, to décor in our stores, to the tables and chairs in our cafes - we only want to source from the most responsibly managed sources.

Already we're making great progress against our target, with 41% of the wood we use coming from an FSC-certified source, 12% coming from recycled sources and 7% from other independently certified sources.

Our customers expect us to act responsibly so that they can shop in our stores with confidence. So we want to provide them with sustainable product solutions. All our calendars and diaries are FSC-certified, 93% of our greetings cards, stationery and gifts are FSC-certified, and 92% of our kitchen rolls, facial and toilet tissues are FSC-certified or recycled.

Even within our non-product division we're making great progress with all our till rolls switching to FSC-certified in April, and now half the wood products supplied for the construction and fit-out of our stores are from FSC-certified sources and providers.

We have strong partnerships with key organisations that will help us ensure that all our wood comes from responsibly managed sources. We are working with Rainforest Alliance to ensure that where FSC or recycled wood materials aren't available, all the wood we use comes from verified responsibly-managed sources.

Our membership of the WWF-UK FTN strongly supports our sustainable sourcing objectives by providing us with a clear framework for developing a roadmap to achieve our Plan A commitments.

Our public commitment to the FSC, recycled through Plan A, has dramatically driven change in our supply chain and has enabled us to lead in sustainable wood sourcing on the high street.

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