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WWF Northern Ireland has been travelling across Northern Ireland gathering signatures for their Vote Earth petition. The petition asks for world leaders to agree a fair, ambitious, binding deal at the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. WWF are asking for rich countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% below 1990 levels by 2020.

Minister Poots received the petition today, which will be passed in turn by WWF to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who like other leaders around the world will receive the petition as part of WWF's pressure for the right global deal at the UN Conference in December.

Vote Earth is about what planet you're from, not what country you're from and the people of Northern Ireland have shown that they care about the earth. The right deal in Copenhagen will affect us all, in terms of our lifestyles but also in terms of what the future holds for the next generation," said Geoff Nuttall, Head of WWF Northern Ireland. "We travelled across Northern Ireland with our climate crime scene, from the Green Living Fair in Comber to the Students Union at Magee University and received a fantastic response."

Minister Poots said, "I am happy to receive this petition which will be going to the UN Climate Conference along with the millions of signatures WWF has gathered from around the world."

As world leaders prepare to meet at the conference to decide and agree upon a new global climate deal, WWF Northern Ireland are campaigning for the Northern Ireland Assembly Government and the UK Government to push for a 40 per cent reduction target in carbon emissions by 2020 to keep global warming below the danger threshold of 2 degrees C.

Adrian Kelly, University of Ulster's Student Union President said the University was more than happy to host and support WWF Northern Ireland's worthwhile environmental campaign.
"I ask all students and anyone else who cares about the future of planet to sign up to WWF Northern Ireland's Vote Earth petition to show your support for tough action on climate change."

Geoff added, "It is crucial the right decisions are made at the UN Conference as this is the last chance for a fair, ambitious, binding deal. WWF work in habitats across the world that already shows signs of climate change and Northern Ireland contributes to those greenhouse gas emissions. This petition shows local and world leaders that the people of Northern Ireland care and want the right decision made in their name."

You can still add your name to the global petition here.