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The Prime Minister has announced that the UK will end its net contribution to climate change by 2050, putting UK on the path to being the first major economy to set a net zero emissions target in law. 

Commenting on this news, Tanya Steele, CEO of WWF-UK said:

“Today’s net zero announcement is a crucial first step, demonstrating that those in power are beginning to listen and acknowledge the critical state of our planet. 

“If we want future generations to live on a viable planet where the mass extinctions we’re witnessing halt, food security is ensured and coastal regions are safe, then Government must accelerate policies and commit resource to slashing emissions, heat our homes with clean energy and make climate action a priority across all departments.

“The past decade has shown what is possible – we know what is needed to get to net zero and the speed of development in innovative technologies, like solar panels and wind turbines should give us hope that we can go even further and faster, reaching net zero by 2045.”

Demanding change together

Today’s announcement shows that our voices are being heard. While there’s a long way to go if we’re serious about ending our contribution to the climate crisis, it shows that together we’re having a real impact.

With your support, here’s what we’ve been doing to push for this announcement:

  • Amplifying your voices: Over 100,000 of you have signed our petition calling for urgent action. And just a few weeks ago we joined forces  to deliver nearly 750,000 voices directly to the Prime Minister
  • Showing it’s achievable: last year, our report ‘Keeping it Cool’ set out how the UK can end its contribution to climate change by 2045.
  • Setting out solutions: earlier this year, we produced a detailed climate emergency package – showing government exactly what steps they need to take next.

What's next

While this announcement is a step in the right direction – we need to keeping pushing to make sure climate action becomes a priority across all parts of government. On 26th June thousands of us will be coming to Westminster to meet our MPs face to face and tell them to take the urgent action we need. Please join us. Today’s announcement shows that pushing the government to take action really works. We need to keep making sure our politicians know that the British public wants them to #FightForYourWorld

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