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Wildlife we love, like elephants, turtles and polar bears, are at risk from the effects of climate change, pollution and over-consumption.

There are clear solutions to fix our broken planet – our home urgently needs everyone to act on them now.

For WWF’s Earth Hour 2018, we asked everyone to make a simple change to their everyday life to help protect our planet, such as carrying a reusable coffee cup, switching to a green energy supplier, or washing your clothes at 30 degrees or lower.

What you can do for your world

1) Refuse plastic cutlery with takeaway food

By 2050 there could be more plastic in the sea than fish. Thanks to our supporters we’ve already committed to save almost 4 million items of unnecessary plastic over the next year!

2) Use a reusable coffee cup rather than disposable ones

It’s estimated that around 2.5bn coffee cups are thrown away in the UK each year – that’s seven million a day! Together we’ve committed to prevent 1.5 million of disposable coffee cups going to landfill next year!

3) Turn down to 30 degrees

Washing at 30 degrees or below uses around 40% less energy and it’s just as effective, so there’s no compromise on the clean!

4) Make your next vehicle an electric one

Most of the 30 million plus vehicles on UK roads produce emissions that exacerbate climate change and are harmful for us to breathe.

5) Reuse or compost leftover food

We throw away seven million tonnes of food and drink per year in the UK alone. Composting a tonne of food and drink waste has a carbon footprint of just 6kg. Sending the same amount to landfill via your bin produces more than 100 times that amount – equivalent to driving a car for 24 hours!

You can also...

6) Switch your energy to a green energy supplier

Together with our green energy promise takers we are going to save 1650 tonnes of carbon emissions next year!

7) Become a flexitarian and eat less meat 

Livestock require vast amounts of land, water and feed. Shockingly, the UK food supply alone is linked to the potential extinction of approximately 33 species.

 If these are not enough for you, you can make your own promise too.

Your promise might seem fairly small individually, but millions of people taking these actions together have incredible impact. You can also inspire your friends and family to take their promise and inspire them to join is in this fight for our planet.