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Lily Cole's Wild Rubber Collection uses wild rubber sourced by rubber tappers in Acre, northwest Brazil to create colourful and delicate designs. Lily was inspired when she visited the area in her role as ambassador for Sky Rainforest Rescue - Sky and WWF's partnership to help save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest.

The jewellery includes two-way rubber pendants, earrings and rings set with delicate rubber embellishments. It aims to raise awareness of the versatility of Amazonian wild rubber, which gives people in Acre an alternative source of income that keeps the trees standing. 100% of the profits will go back to the rainforest to support projects that Sky and WWF have created to help tackle deforestation in the region.

As Lily explains: Visiting the rubber tappers and their families really inspired me and I wanted to find a way to bring their story back to the UK."

Lily enlisted the help of design consultant Flavia Amadeu to train a rubber tapping community in Acre in how to make the rubber for the jewellery. The rubber is processed by mixing natural latex from the trees with water, colours and coagulants before leaving the mixture to harden. The mixture is passed through a hand-powered press to drain the water and then hung up to dry in sheets. Once they're dry, the rubber sheets can be cut into shapes to make different items of jewellery.

Lily's Amazon-inspired collection is available exclusively from online retailer Get your jewellery now and show the Amazon some love.

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