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16 December 2020


Responding to the publication today of the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan update [1], Fabrice Leveque, Head of Policy at WWF Scotland said:

“This plan builds on recent positive commitments from the Scottish Government but falls short of delivering some of the big decisions needed to truly respond to climate change as an emergency.

“It paints a good picture of the changes we need to see implemented this decade- a million homes converted to renewable heating, a reduced reliance on car travel and significant emissions cuts from our agriculture sector. These steps will cut carbon, create jobs and bring other benefits like cleaner air and better health.

“However, opportunities to advance important policies in key emitting sectors have been missed.  Detail on the actions required by the farming sector is lacking, and the earlier date of 2035 to bring all homes to a good standard of energy efficiency is still five years later than we need to help that industry grow today. This is not the pace of action required by the climate emergency.

“On the plus side the plan adds to the genuine cross-Government approach taken since the First Minister declared a climate emergency in 2019. We’re now about to enter 2021, the year Scotland will host the global climate negotiations, and we’ve still got a mountain to climb here at home if we’re to meet our own climate targets.

“While it is disappointing to see missed opportunities in this plan, the Scottish Parliament will scrutinise it in the new year, and we hope this will be an opportunity to push for further detail on some of these proposals.”.

Notes to Editors

[1] Scottish Government press release


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