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WWF's unique partnership with Sky started in 2009 with the ambition of helping to protect one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest. Thanks to the support of thousands of Sky customers, employees and the general public we've raised over £9 million to help keep the rainforest standing in our project area of Acre in Brazil.

We supported a range of conservation projects in Acre designed to give local people ways of making a sustainable living from the rainforest without having to cut down trees.

And we brought the amazing Amazon home to millions of people in the UK and Ireland through inspiring programme-making, visitor experiences and outreach to schools.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make Sky Rainforest Rescue a success. Whether you adopted a jaguar, made a donation or pledged to make a rainforest-friendly change to your everyday life, you made a difference!

The impact of Sky Rainforest Rescue:
· One billion trees still standing in the project area in Acre
· Over £9 million raised towards conservation projects
· Over 1,500 Amazon farming families engaged in sustainable agriculture
· More than a million visitors to our UK rainforest experiences
· Eighty thousand children taking part in our I Love Amazon Schools initiative
· Eight Amazon programmes and 12 weeks of environment-themed programming on Sky, telling the story of the crucial role of the rainforests

While Sky Rainforest Rescue is ending, our conservation work will continue. The funds raised will continue to support this vital work in 2016. In addition, WWF is committed to ongoing work in Acre state as well as other parts of the Amazon to ensure the rainforest continues to be valued and protected in the long term.

Find out more about how we're protecting the Amazon
WWF and Sky will also continue to work in partnership to drive awareness of issues such as climate change and in support of Sky's environmental strategy.

David Nussbaum, Chief Executive of WWF-UK says:
We'd like to thank Sky and their customers for joining us on this amazing six-year journey into the rainforest. Their generosity has made a real and lasting impact on the people and wildlife of the Amazon.

"Keeping the rainforest standing should matter to all of us, wherever we live. Globally, deforestation and forest degradation cause up to a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions and are robbing future generations of rich, beautiful natural resources.

"By joining WWF's conservation expertise with Sky's vision and with the commitment of the Acre state government, we have found ways to help keep deforestation at bay in this fragile part of the Amazon."

You can support WWF's work in the Amazon by adopting a jaguar
If you currently have a Sky Rainforest Rescue jaguar or acre adoption, or donate in another way, you should have already received information about how you can continue to help protect the Amazon. For questions about adoptions, donations or any other queries, please call WWF's supporter care team on 01483 426333.



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