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The supply of tropical timber from any continent is continually evolving, with the suitability of timber species and environmental considerations appraised before commercial ones. At Saint Gobain Building Distribution we pride ourselves on already having strong due diligence processes that are in line with the upcoming EU FLEGT obligations. They will ensure that good and proper practice is managed and resourced not only within SGBD but also throughout our supply chain, in line with our environmental procurement policy for forest products.

A country of supply that we're examining closely is Indonesia. It has a wealth of forest resources, and has shown the will to improve its environmental performance. We hope these factors will result in a strong partnership of supply for years to come. With this in mind we've been working with a variety of supply chains that lead into and from Indonesia. One example is our sourcing office in Asia, which has identified an FSC option for the hardwood
bangkirai. We've also recently added the Indonesian timber legality verification system - SVLK - to our forest product certificate. We use it to assess and import products from Indonesia.

As a GFTN participant, we are also very conscious of our commitments - we'll be seeking to work with WWF to establish more potential partners in Indonesia. We hope to make further progress once one of our team has visited Indonesia later in 2012 or in early 2013 to assess supply chains. We're also working with a new European-based supplier, which has many years of experience of working in Asia and specifically south-east Asia, mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia. Their wealth of knowledge of this region will help us to improve our supply and environmental requirements.

No doubt there will be hurdles to clear as we travel down the line with Indonesia, but we value the partners we've chosen, and we believe our multi-partner focus will benefit both our business and Indonesian exports. Partnership is the only way truly to improve the state of the world's forest habitats.