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The construction and project management company joined the WWF Forest & Trade Network in 2000 with the aspiration of procuring FSC timber and through this delivering positive benefit to forest ecosystems and the timber supply chain. Since then it has continuously improved its FSC procurement. The 2008 timber accounts audited by the GFTN revealed that it procured 75% FSC or recycled timber across 83% of the business, up 10% from 2007.

The company has policies and procedures to deliver FSC timber to its construction sites, but realised it could go further. In August 2007, it achieved the first ever commercial property in the UK to be awarded Partial FSC Project Chain of Custody Certification for its One Wood Street project in London. Since then, Bovis Lend Lease has worked to further ensure its procurement of timber is FSC certified, and has invested in project certification. This investment included, in 2008, obtaining Chain of Custody certification (TT-COC-002587) for the company.  The next step of the journey is to achieve Full FSC Project Chain of Custody Certification on a number of flagship projects across the UK business.

Bovis Lend Lease believes FSC project certification is important because it means the claims it makes can be substantiated with evidence and third party verification. By meeting the stringent FSC standards requirements Bovis Lend Lease can confidently state that all timber within those successfully certified projects is FSC certified, recycled or meets the FSC's controlled wood standards.  In simple terms the standard requires that at least half the timber within the project is FSC certified, with the remainder complying with the FSC Controlled Wood Standard.

Two Bovis Lend Lease projects operating under the Project Chain of Custody standard and have achieved Applicant Status": Stratford City regeneration in London and Manchester's MediaCity: UK. The company expects them to achieve full certification in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Another six Bovis Lend Lease projects in London and Birmingham are operating under the FSC Project Chain of Custody standard.

The company is using its experience of FSC to help us meet its targets for all key construction materials to meet credible certification standards that incorporate sustainability performance by the end of 2010. It has worked with other stakeholders to help develop the Building Research Establishment's BES 6001, a standard framework for the responsible sourcing of construction products. This framework covers the corporate governance of the companies supplying the products/materials, as well as the sustainability performance associated with sourcing and manufacturing them. Bovis Lend Lease has worked with industry and trade associations to develop guidance and support which means it can now procure concrete, brickwork and re-enforced steel to the BES 6001 standard.

The company knows it still has much to do on its journey to become a sustainable organisation, but its progress in timber procurement demonstrates what can be achieved.