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Tuna improvement project commences in the Indian Ocean

WWF is one of the participants in a new project to improve the way tuna caught by commercial fleets in the Indian Ocean.

Seventeen organisations from across the seafood industry have signed a partnership agreement to begin a ‘Fishery Improvement Project’ (FIP) for Indian Ocean tuna. Over the next five years the FIP will work towards meeting the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for sustainable fishing.

WWF’s involvement in the FIP is part of its partnership with UK seafood brand John West and its parent company Thai Union Europe (TUE), which aims to ensure that all the company’s products come from sustainable sources. Read more about the WWF-TUE partnership

Tracy Cambridge, Fisheries & Seafood Manager at WWF, said: “This is another important milestone towards better tuna fishing and management in the Indian Ocean. The FIP partners have shown real leadership and determination in developing a comprehensive action plan to address the key sustainability issues in this fishery. In the coming months we’ll see meaningful changes happening on the water to help rebuild fish stocks and protect the ocean environment.”

The agreement has been signed by: ATUNSA Inc.; Beach Fishing Limited; Compagnie Francaise du Thon Océanique (CFTO); Hartswater Limited; Inspesca Fishing Ltd; Indian Ocean Ship Management Services (IOSMS); Interatun Ltd.; Industria Armatoriale Tonniera; Isabella Fishing, Ltd; OPAGAC; Orthongel; OPTUC (ANABAC); Princes Limited; SAPMER SA; Thai Union Europe; Thunnus Overseas Group; and Tuna Fishing Company (TFC). The FIP is supported by WWF and the Government of Seychelles. The Governments of Madagascar and Mauritius have also indicated interest in participating in the FIP.

Full details about the FIP are available on the project website



About the Indian Ocean Fishery Improvement Project (FIP):

The Indian Ocean Fishery Improvement Project is an alliance-driven initiative to help the purse seine fishery in the region meet Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainability standard. The Indian Ocean FIP is supported by the following partners:


  • WWF
  • Republic of Seychelles
  • ATUNSA Inc.
  • Beach Fishing Ltd.
  • Compagnie Francaise du Thon Océanique (CFTO)
  • Hartswater Ltd.   
  • Inspesca Fishing Ltd.
  • Indian Ocean Ship Management Services (IOSMS)
  • Interatun Ltd.
  • Industria Armatoriale Tonniera
  • Isabella Fishing Ltd.
  • Orthongel
  • Princes Limited
  • Thai Union Europe
  • Thunnus Overseas Group
  • Tuna Fishing Company (TFC)

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