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In response to the news that the UK is set to have its first ever working day without coal power generation since the industrial revolution, Gareth Redmond-King, Head of Climate and Energy at WWF, said:

“That today could be the first working day in the UK since the industrial revolution when no coal was burnt is a significant milestone in our march towards the green economic revolution. Renewables account for a quarter of our electricity in the UK – higher in Scotland – and the UK’s environmental goods and services sector is worth £29 billion to the UK economy, supporting an estimated nearly 400,000 full time jobs.

“Getting rid of coal from our energy mix is exciting and hugely important! But it’s not enough to achieve our international commitments to tackle climate change – we haven’t made anything like the same progress on decarbonising buildings and transport. Whoever forms the next government after the general election, they must prioritise a plan for reducing emissions from all sectors – which shows how the UK will continue to develop these changes and guarantee an environmentally clean and economically successful future for the UK.”