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02 June 2017


Media statement

For Immediate Use – Thursday 1 June 2017


Commenting on President Trump’s announcement of US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement [1], WWF Scotland acting director Dr Sam Gardner said:

“Today’s announcement from the White House is extremely disappointing, as the US backs away from an unprecedented global agreement to tackle climate change. However, the world is making it very clear that the Paris Agreement will endure, and while the US withdrawal will impact our climate trajectory, it will not define its final outcome.

“The global economy is moving ever more towards a renewable energy future, and the massive economic opportunities this presents. While Trump tries to isolate the US from these opportunities, Europe, China and India are moving ahead with building clean energy economies, ditching climate-trashing fossil fuels and creating jobs. In fact, in 2016, renewable energy accounted for just under 10million jobs worldwide [2], while in Scotland there are now over 58,000 jobs in the low carbon and renewable energy sectors [3]. Even in the US, renewables jobs already dwarf employment in fossil fuels [4] and that’s why states, cities and businesses across the US are forging ahead with their commitments to clean energy.

“With an upcoming Climate Change Bill, Scotland has the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of delivering the increased action and ambition that over 190 countries agreed to in the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Doing so would not only fulfil a moral obligation but open up multiple economic opportunities for Scotland.”

Notes to editors:

[1] BBC: Paris Climate Deal- Trump announces US will withdraw

[2] International Renewable Energy Agency

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