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As well as setting out an action plan for insulating cavity walls and lofts by 2015, the government's new plan also promises ambitious measures to make homes even more eco-friendly. This include encouraging homeowners to install solid wall insulation and use renewable energy to heat their homes.

Under the proposed 'Pay as You Save' scheme, householders can install insulation and small-scale renewables at no initial cost, and then pay for them over time through the savings on their energy bills.

The government is planning legislation to link schemes to the home rather than the owner. This means when the house is sold, the new owners can take over.

WWF's sustainable homes policy officer, Zoe Leader, says: This is a very encouraging strategy that addresses some of the major points that we've been campaigning on, and recognises the need to tackle the vast majority of our homes that require full eco upgrades."

"But it's still important that all the homes are upgraded to a minimum standard that will significantly cut carbon emissions."
New green jobs too
A WWF report also reveals that over 100,000 new jobs per year could be created through a nationwide programme to make homes more eco-friendly - but homeowners have to take the lead.

To encourage homeowners to be more eco-aware, we're calling for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to be given greater prominence when people sell their homes, and for more financial incentives to improve energy efficiency.

The Scottish Government has also made a new move towards greener homes, by announcing that home owners will be required to improve their home's energy efficiency whenever extension or renovation work is carried out.

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