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Alec Taylor, Programme Manager - Marine Governance, UK and EU Advocacy, WWF UK says:

“This plan is the biggest and most complex exercise ever to take place in Welsh seas, trying to guide how our coast and marine space should be used into the next generation.

"Welsh waters have amazing marine life, just as unique as what we’ve admired on Blue Planet 2 recently. What’s more, the sea has long been our friend - providing us with work, food and wonderful Welsh produce. This plan must not take that for granted.

"Decisions we take now, through this plan, will have long-lasting consequences for the whole of Wales. Although we welcome this plan, we have concerns about the Government placing too much emphasis on extracting maximum economic benefit from Welsh seas, without sufficiently assessing how that will affect the resilience of our marine ecosystems. To address this the marine plan must put maintaining and enhancing resilient ecosystems at the heart of how sea space is used. This will ensure that the seas continue to provide for our children and grandchildren and that nature and people thrive together.”




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