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Along with the University of Exeter, we've created a unique MBA programme to train a generation of leaders that will revolutionise business from the inside.

Launching in September this year, the One Planet MBA is the first UK business degree created jointly by a business school and a non-governmental organisation. It's also believed to be the first MBA in the world that embeds the need for a sustainable approach to strategic business management.

The One Planet MBA will have a global outlook, developing leaders and managers capable of running organisations in a culturally diverse, resource-constrained world. It will teach traditional business skills but also innovative approaches to developing sustainable business strategies.

Professor Alan Knight OBE adds: The world needs business managers and leaders who understand the pressures on global resources and can proactively deliver innovative solutions - in product development, sourcing, the supply chain, production, marketing, financing and reporting. Equally importantly, business needs them too."

Professor Malcolm Kirkup, director of the One Planet MBA, says: "Most MBAs are starting to look at sustainability, but it's a bolt-on at the end: before you leave, don't forget to switch the lights out and look after your footprint. This has to stop. The whole nature of management education needs to change - and we're going to have a go at making that change."

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