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In late August, six additional protected areas were included in the programme, bringing ARPA's total to 111 protected areas covering 59.3 million hectares - 99% of its original goal of 60 m ha.

The good news was spread last week, with the announcement that the German government will provide financial support of 116 million Brazilian reals (nearly U.S $ 33 million) to ARPA's innovative financing mechanism.

A new Presidential Decree for ARPA was also signed, updating the original 2002 decree and formalizing ARPA's new plan to achieve full financial sustainability for all of ARPA's protected areas over the next 25 years.

The innovative conservation finance approach, envisioned by WWF and its partners a few years ago involves a transition fund" from which Brazil will receive financing over a period of time that is sufficient for the government eventually to cover fully the significant costs of maintaining ARPA sites. This has been made possible by the diverse and unique collaboration among numerous partners, including the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio), the Linden Trust for Conservation, the World Bank, Germany's KFW and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.