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14 September 2017

WWF comments on the Government's response to biofuels for transport consultation

Responding to the publication of the UK Government response to the consultation on biofuels for transport, James Beard WWF’s Biofuels and Energy expert said:

"The UK Government is right to cap crop-based biofuels well below the EU limit, but this 4% cap still means that UK fuel tanks are at risk from unsustainable biofuel imports. The overall signal is clear though - crop based biofuels are on their way out and rightly have no place in our future energy mix.

"However, the future of road transport is electrification, not biofuels. But, with electric planes still some way off, it makes sense to shift truly sustainable waste-based fuels away from cars and on to planes. Nevertheless this is just a sticking plaster on our soaring aviation emissions. We urgently need a robust plan for tackling aviation CO2 before the UK Government can even contemplate expanding our airport capacity. Without this we will miss our carbon targets and exacerbate the dangers of climate change."