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07 November 2017

Commenting on the publication of the post-Brexit trade bill, Debbie Tripley Head of UK and EU Advocacy at WWF said:

“The UK’s global trade has huge impact on lives and livelihoods across the world. From those managing tropical forests to fisherfolk on the shores of Africa our global reach is immense. Whilst we need to maintain and build trade relationships on leaving the EU, the UK Government must certify that this trade is responsible. That means addressing the wider social and environmental costs, and ensuring high environmental standards are central to any future trade deals.

“Every year the UK requires an overseas area the size of Greece just to produce seven of our key products including palm oil, soya, beef and wood. Often this occurs in areas where deforestation, social risks and wildlife loss are significant issues. On leaving the EU we must ensure that our trade deals not only benefit the UK, but also protect and enhance the environment the world over.”


WWF’s recent report Risky Business , prepared with the RSPB, highlights the impact Britain’s trade has on seven key commodities.

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