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WWF comments on Tesco’s 100% renewable announcement

Commenting on Tesco’s announcement that their business will be powered by 100% renewables by 2030, WWF’s head of climate and energy, Gareth Redmond-King commented:


“Tesco is one of the biggest corporate emitters of greenhouse gases outside of energy intensive industries like steel and chemical companies.  So this is a significant commitment and one which should be embraced by Tesco’s customers and regarded with interest by their competitors. 

“Of course this announcement is not the whole story, as they’re still a huge supplier of dirty fossil fuel through their petrol stations. Nevertheless, if the UK’s biggest supermarket can make this commitment, then it throws down the gauntlet to the rest of the sector to play their part in cutting UK emissions.  Two thirds of the British public are concerned about climate change – that’s a lot of customers and potential customers who would welcome other British businesses following suit and taking serious action to help challenge climate change.”

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