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Responding to the publication of the report “Use of high carbon North American woody biomass in UK electricity generation”, James Beard, Climate Change Specialist at WWF stated:


“No wonder the UK Government sat on this report for a year and buried it under the Budget as it adds more heat but little light to the biomass controversy. It tries to guess the future of the American forests that supply UK power stations with wood pellets, but the experts can’t agree, as it’s all a big guessing game. What the report does show is that the use of biomass could well result in high carbon outcomes - not low-carbon as is often claimed.

“Forests help tackle climate change by locking up CO2 in solid form, either in standing trees or long-lived materials. Burning biomass reduces these carbon stocks and can worsen climate change.

“Instead of guessing at hypothetical futures for forests, we need to create the future we want. We need a 25 Year Environment Plan that maximises sustainable economic and social benefits of plants and trees grown in the UK, and a Bioeconomy Strategy that takes a sustainable approach to using and producing bio-based products.”