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16 November 2017

Responding to the launch of the Global Alliance to Power Past Coal which the UK is playing a leading role, Dr Stephen Cornelius, WWF’s Chief Adviser on Climate Change commented:

“This alliance is huge step forward the world, and it is right that the UK is taking a central role in the movement. The UK started the industrial revolution and for well over a century coal was a major source of power - but it is now no longer needed. This year the UK saw the first day powered without coal in over a century. To limit temperature rise to the necessary 1.5 degrees Celsius countries must shun coal and move towards a renewable future.

“This alliance is the first step in realising this ambition, but so much more needs to be done across the globe. At the present rate, global temperatures are expected to rise by 3.4 degrees Celsius by the end of the century which will have a catastrophic effect on our way of life. The science on coal is clear - we know that for our health, for our economy, and to limit the worst effects of climate change we must move towards a world free from this dangerous fuel.”