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Thousands gather in Westminster to tell their MP in person that the Time Is Now to act on the climate and nature crisis.

The Time Is Now mass lobby in June came after months of growing environmental protests, including world-wide school strikes, and increased warnings of the need for unprecedented action to tackle the global climate. Pupils from North Harringay Primary School, London were amongst an estimated 12,000 people who lobbied more than 300 MP’s urging government to tackle climate change and protect nature.

Jane Alexander, headteacher at North Harringay Primary brought five pupils from her school to the lobby. She said: “Our children may be too young to vote but they are not too young to have their voices heard.”

Tanya Steele, Chief Executive at WWF, added: “Public concern for the environment is at an all-time high, and for good reason. We are destroying the planet, and jeopardising the survival of people and wildlife. Our leaders must make bold decisions now and commit to invest in technology and policies that accelerate emissions reductions and put nature on the path to recovery.”



Whether you managed to attend the Time Is Now lobby or not, you can still email your MP to let them know that you want action to tackle the climate and nature emergency. You can also download our latest climate change classroom resource, Shaping our Future, which provides lesson plans and supporting resources for teachers and educators of young people aged 7 to 14.

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