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We’re working with the Mara Lion Project in Kenya to carry out a full genetic analysis for the lion population in the area.

This will help us build up a full database of the lions’ genetic make-up, giving us details about disease susceptibility, levels of diversity and potential inbreeding, and determine how connected different populations are – so we can work out the most effective breeding population size.

This groundbreaking research is probably the best genetic study ever carried out on wild lions in Africa. It will help make sure this important population can be protected and thrive in the future.

As top predators in their environment, whether that’s grasslands, desert or open woodland, lions play a crucial role in keeping a healthy balance of numbers among other animals. Especially herbivores like zebra and wildebeest – which in turn influences the condition of grasslands and forests.

By protecting a lion’s landscape, we’re helping the whole area to thrive, which doesn’t just benefit wildlife but the people who rely on local natural resources too.

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