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The Global Forest and Trade Network-UK (GFTN-UK) was founded in 1991. Its mission is to create a thriving, mainstream market for environmentally and socially responsible forest products. We're doing this by managing the world's production forests, using the purchasing power and influence of UK businesses.

Its founding members' vision was to ensure a businesses timber and paper supplies came from well managed forests, and did not contribute to forest destruction and illegal logging practices.

We have been assisting companies for over 20 years to exercise due diligence on their supply chains for forest goods, to help them make a difference in the global market through prioritising sourcing from legal and sustainable forest sources.

As a result, GFTN-UK has become widely recognised as a successful partnership between WWF and business – a partnership that promotes and progresses responsible management of the world’s forests.

To achieve change, all businesses participating commit to:

  • Make publicly available a clear statement of their timber/paper policy, which must meet GFTN requirements. And an annual statement of progress in improving the nature of forest goods in their supply chains
  • Trace their timber and paper products back to their forest source and eliminate any illegal, unwanted or controversial sources
  • Increasingly source credibly certified and/or recycled timber and paper products
  • Communicate accurately about the forest products they buy and sell.

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