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By working in partnership with businesses, we’re helping them use their influence for the good of the planet.

We help businesses to understand the risks that issues like climate change, water shortages and the loss of natural assets pose to their business – and to take action to address them. We focus particularly on the commodities and sectors that have the biggest impact on the planet, where transforming business practices is most urgent.

Our award-winning partnerships include:

Each of our partnerships is unique. We can help a company change the way they do business to have a positive impact on the natural world; we can reach out to their customers, employees, investors and competitors to raise awareness of critical environmental issues; or a company might fund one of our vital conservation projects that has a particular resonance for them or their customers. Most of our partnerships are a combination of these activities.

We're working with the following companies to build a future where people and nature thrive:

Our Corporate Partnerships Report provides more information on partnerships between WWF-UK and individual companies.

WWF works with a variety of businesses to achieve positive change for the planet. However there are some sectors we cannot accept support from, find out more on our guidelines.

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