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The National Assembly for Wales is the devolved parliament for Wales. It's made up of 60 Assembly Members (AMs) who are elected to represent either a constituency or a region in Wales, and it sits in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Following the 2011 devolution referendum, the National Assembly has what’s known as primary legislative competence over a number of matters. That means it has the power to make laws on them. They include the environment, education, health, transport, and the Welsh language.

The decisions made by AMs effect the everyday lives of the people of Wales, and they also have long-lasting impacts. That’s why it’s important that we work constructively with AMs from all parties to make sure that the environment is high on their agenda.

The Welsh Government is the devolved government of Wales. It is led by the First Minister of Wales, currently Carwyn Jones AM, and includes a number of Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers. Together, they're in charge of development in their policy areas.

We work with a number of them to try and make sure that the decisions they make and the laws they introduce help move us in the direction of a Wales, and a world, where people and nature thrive in harmony.

For more information on how we work with the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Government, please contact WWF Cymru Policy and Advocacy Officer Jessica McQuade at