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The UK’s rivers are under pressure: they’re crucial for both people and nature, but a shocking 86% of them are failing to reach good ecological status. Overused and undervalued, our rivers and streams are being hit hard by pollution and over-extraction, much of which is linked to farming.

The situation is particularly urgent when it comes to our chalk streams, pure havens rich in biodiversity – there are only about 200 in the world, most are in the south of England, and all are severely threatened.

Water is vital to Coca-Cola’s business too. By working together, we’re aiming to restore our rivers to health so they can provide all the water people and nature need.

Our work in the UK helps Coca-Cola meet its global “Replenish” commitment to safely return to communities and nature the same amount of water it uses in producing its drinks.


Support from Coca-Cola has helped us carry out pioneering work on water-sensitive farming in the UK.

We’re working together with farmers in two major river catchments in East Anglia – the Cam and Ely Ouse and the Broadlands. We’re providing on-the-ground support and expert advice to help lessen the impacts that farming has on freshwater sources. Modifying tractor wheelings, for example, can significantly reduce soil erosion, while the use of cover crops can reduce run-off and nutrient leaching, all of which means rivers are less polluted and are better places for wildlife to flourish. Coca-Cola’s support means we can help farmers tackle these and other issues.

The partnership is also working to bring other food and drink businesses together to make joint commitments and a shared vision to reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains.

And together we’re advocating for strong UK environmental legislation to underpin our on-the-ground work and to scale up its impact.


Since 2012 we’ve replenished more than 1.4 billion litres of water back into the environment in one of the most water-stressed parts of the country. And, with the support of Norfolk Rivers Trust and The Rivers Trust, we’re targeting a further billion litres over the next phase of our partnership to 2021.

In doing so we’ve directly supported 140 farmers to introduce more soil-sensitive practices, and now more than 2,500 acres of land are being farmed more sustainably.


"The UK’s economy, particularly our agriculture, depends on healthy natural systems, so it’s vital that farmers and other businesses come together to support the sustainable management of our landscapes. Coca-Cola has helped us introduce more sustainable farming practices that have led to measurable improvements in soil and water quality. Thanks to their renewed commitment, we’ll be engaging hundreds more farmers and piloting innovative catchment-scale programmes to protect and restore nature."

Lucy Lee, Head of Food and Landscapes, WWF



Coca-Cola Great Britain and WWF have been working together on water-sensitive farming in the UK since 2012, returning 1.2 billion litres of water back to the environment. We’re proud to announce that we’re extending our partnership for another three years, building on our pioneering work to protect precious river habitats in the UK, supported by a grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation.