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What they're doing

Pureprint is a market leader providing sustainable printing solutions for the corporate, creative, commercial and fine art markets. They understand the importance of the impact their operations have on the environment and this ranks equally with other key business objectives within their overall strategy. Compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements is part of their business and they're committed to preventing pollution and continually improving the environmental performance of their business activities.

Pureprint's ambition is to minimise the environmental impact within their business; to share this knowledge with their customers and the wider print industry as a way to promote environmental improvement remain as strong as ever.


To achieve this Pureprint directs their efforts as follows:

  • They have an environmental management system to minimise the impact of their own production facilities, processes and investments
  • They have an environmental education programme to influence their staff, customers and the wider community
  • They take a leading role within the industry to help drive environmental improvement in the printing and paper business

Pureprint advises their customers on choosing the most sustainable papers, carbon footprinting their publications, writing environmental imprints and reducing print volumes.


Pureprint continues to divert over 99% of dry waste from landfill, 99% of the papers they use are either certified FSC, PEFC or recycled, and they use ‘green’ electricity from renewable sources.


Many companies and individuals recognise the damaging impact of their activities, and care for the environment is now the topic at the top of their agenda

Printing uses large amounts of energy, some toxic substances, creates hazardous waste and relies upon a basic substrate made from trees. In its worst form printing can increase global warming, at its best it's a completely sustainable process.

Sustainability lies at the heart of Pureprint's business and in 1990 they embarked upon a journey to help minimise the environmental impacts of printing and were the 1st ISO 14001 printer in the UK, 1st EMAS certified printer in the UK and the 1st CarbonNeutral® printer in the world.