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What they're doing

Steinbeis’ business model is based on the simple philosophy "turn old into new," taking advantage of the full potential of the circular economy. In line with this, the company manufactures “upcycled” products from waste materials, and in doing so preserves valuable resources such as trees, water and energy.

How they're doing it

Steinbeis is committed to an ethically and environmentally conscious policy throughout the whole value chain.

The company processes recovered paper, a secondary raw material, which is sourced locally. It undergoes various elaborate on–site processes during which it's prepared, cleaned and transformed into top quality office paper. After the paper has been used, it's channeled back into production for reprocessing by Steinbeis' logistic partners.

They're proud to report

With low CO2 emissions and resource-saving, energy-saving production methods, Steinbeis is proud to have the smallest carbon footprint in the industry. As a matter of fact, all paper types have been certified by leading ecolabels and consumer protection labels such as Blue Angel, EU Ecolabel and Cradle to Cradle.

Steinbeis continues to invest in innovative, environmentally friendly technology and equipment to keep its “paper made from paper” manufacturing process at the best possible level. Consequently, market share continues to increase year upon year.

Why they're doing it

Operating one of the most modern integrated factories in the recovered paper industry makes the best ecological and economic sense for Steinbeis. It's Steinbeis' ambition to place special emphasis on the positive effects that result from using reusable resources in the long term – like for exampling highlighting benefits such as high efficiency in costs and utilisation.

For Steinbeis, recycling is more than just an industrial process. It's the key principle behind creating an economy and consumer markets wherein meeting demand includes protection of resources for the future. With this approach, Steinbeis goes far beyond legal compliance.