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What they're doing

At Travis Perkins Plc they're committed to being an ethically and environmentally responsible business, promoting responsible forest management and sourcing timber and timber products from legal and sustainable sources that don’t cause deforestation or degradation.

To do this, they have developed a procurement policy which is publicly available, traceable and credible. Through their procurement policy, they commit to:

  • Working towards only trading source-verified timber and timber products
  • Setting minimum standards for their suppliers to meet, or work towards meeting

How they're doing it

At Travis Perkins Plc they're committed to only trading legally sourced timber from well-managed sources.

To achieve this, they keep working towards sourcing all of their timber and timber products from certified sources. Working with their suppliers is essential to achieving this.

To make sure they communicate their procurement policies as clearly as possible to their suppliers, they've recently launched a new section of their corporate website entirely dedicated to suppliers, the ‘Supplier Hub’. In the hub, they clearly set out their values and what they expect from their suppliers, including specific commitments and expectations on timber.


Travis Perkins Plc is proud to report that despite complex and devolved buying relationships, they keep progressing towards only purchasing source-verified timber. They now own and manage one of the UK’s largest networks of sites that operate with Chain of Custody controls.  

Their collaboration with suppliers goes beyond making sure they meet minimum standards. Travis Perkins Plc understands smaller businesses may have more difficulties achieving certified status, so they offer a discounted service to SME suppliers to help them get and retain credible chain of custody controls.

Travis Perkins Plc's efforts to source timber responsibly, and be transparent about their policies, has also been recognised by WWF with a top score in the 2017 Timber Scorecard.


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Why they're doing it

It's really important to Travis Perkins Plc and their customers that the timber they sell comes from well-managed forests. They believe it's possible to supply the UK repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) market with its timber product requirements without causing deforestation or degradation.

As major suppliers to the UK’s building and construction industry, they also recognise that they have a responsibility to use their position to positively influence the supply chain. They're doing this by deciding to only purchase from suppliers who have Chain of Custody certification.

Selling responsibly is one of the focus areas of their wider environmental policy and they know how important it is for their customer to know that the products, including timber and timber products they buy, are sourced without causing harm to the environment.