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Building a One Planet Future

If everyone in the world consumed natural resources and generated carbon dioxide at the rate we do in the UK, we’d need three planets – not just one − to support us. The impacts – not least climate change, deforestation and the loss of numerous species – are already starting to affect us all.

In addressing the UK’s current ‘three-planet’ lifestyle, WWF strives for what we call a One Planet Future – where people and nature live in harmony, thriving within their fair share of the planet’s natural resources.

We take this approach, recognising that the well-being of people and nature is intimately linked. People can’t thrive without a flourishing natural environment. Nature can’t thrive without careful stewardship by people. They share the same planet, share the same limited natural resources and ultimately share the same future.

To make this vision a reality, WWF helps individuals, businesses and organisations to reduce their impact on the Earth, while pressing governments and industry to make the changes needed for us all to lead a One Planet lifestyle.

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