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Why does WWF do face to face fundraising?

23 February 2012

Q. Why does WWF do face to face fundraising?

A. WWF has found that meeting people in the street or at home helps to raise awareness as well as gaining new and long term support. We‘ve found this method is a cost effective way of reaching new audiences, which is vital if we are to maintain and grow our conservation programmes. However we’re always monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of these campaigns and if they’re no longer proving cost effective we’ll either adapt or discontinue the activity.

Face to face fundraising is an effective way to generate more funds; it tends to bring in at least double what we spend on it. And we learn a lot about what areas of our work supporters are interested in through face to face fundraising. The fundraisers are fully trained and very passionate about what WWF does. They know they’re helping raise the funds which make WWF’s work possible. And they can generally answer questions people may have about WWF’s work then and there, giving practical examples of how their funding can help protect our natural world.