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WWF-UK response to Electricity Market Reform

16 December 2010

Responding to the Government’s consultation on Electricity Market Reform, published today, Nick Molho, Head of Energy Policy at WWF-UK said:

"We welcome the Government's recognition that fundamental reform of the market is needed if the UK is to successfully decarbonise its power sector in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. Rapid decarbonisation could actually provide great economic growth to the UK if the right incentives are focussed on the right technologies, especially the emerging marine renewables industry. The sensible approach to reducing consumer bill increases is to substantially reduce our energy need, and a strong Green Deal that slashes the energy needed to heat and power our homes will be the first step towards achieving this.”

On guaranteed prices for the nuclear industry:
“WWF disagree with the proposal that guaranteed prices should be offered to the nuclear industry, as this amounts to indirect subsidies paid for by consumers to support a mature technology. The focus for this government should be to primarily support the renewables industry, that offers the greatest potential to create a substantial amount of new jobs, and help our economic recovery. "

On the emissions performance standard:
“WWF is very disappointed by government proposals to introduce a watered down emissions performance standard at either 600gCO2/Kwh or at a level of 450gCO2/Kwh that would not apply to plants qualifying under the CCS demonstration programme. Current proposals will allow the continued operation of fossil-fuel plants that continue to emit large amounts of CO2, and could curtail the emission reduction effectiveness of carbon capture and storage projects, paid for by the bill payer. This represents a significant rowing back from the Government on earlier promises.”


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