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Climate Update - October 2008

8 November 2008

October was colder than usual and the 4th wettest October on record. We also saw major floods in Ayrshire and Glasgow

Sandi Thom and Climate Change in Scotland

October was the 4th wettest October ever recorded in Scotland, 1935 was the wettest. October was almost a degree colder than the long-term average, the first month to be below the average since March 2006.

September was very low on sunshine but still a bit above average temperature. August saw major floods in Fife, Ayrshire, Dundee, Edinburgh and Renfrewshire and a major landslip near Stonehaven. July was very warm and a bit wetter and less sunny than average. June was slightly warmer and quite a bit wetter than average.

May was the warmest May ever in the Scottish records, which go back to 1914. It was also the 4th driest ever with only 34% of the usual rain for May. March and April were both average, apart from very wet conditions in April in eastern Scotland. February was more than two degrees centigrade warmer than the long-term average.

This January was more than a degree centigrade warmer than the long-term average and the 3rd wettest January ever recorded.

Dr Richard Dixon, Director of WWF Scotland, said:

"October was very wet and the first month to be colder than the long-term average for two-and-a-half years. October saw the sight of trains halted by flash floods in Glasgow, roads under water and people’s houses flooding in Girvan.

“November will see the introduction to Parliament of the Scottish Climate Change Bill, probably the most important bit of legislation in our lifetime. In October the SNP announced that the Bill would include annual targets for all greenhouse gases and also cover emissions from aviation and shipping. This is a huge success for our campaigners, who have so far sent over 20,000 messages of support from all over Scotland and from countries around the world.

“Of course we will have to look at the full detail in the draft Bill but what the Scottish Government are promising amounts to the best climate change legislation in the world. As we run up to the crucial Copenhagen climate conference at the end of 2009 Scotland could be setting the benchmark for all other industrialised countries to live up to.”

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