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Stop forests being erased

Forests are disappearing at a rate of one football pitch every two seconds! Yet here in the UK you can still buy furniture, books, cards and other products made from illegally or unsustainably sourced wood.

Its time to say no to this nonsense.

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Get personal about climate change

Unless politicians know this is something we all care about, they won’t act.

We need to show politicians that we do care! That this issue is important to us!

Because it affects the things we love most. Our childrens’ future. Our hobbies. Our passions. Our lifestyles. Our safety and wellbeing. 
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Draw the line against oil exploration

Hundreds of thousands of you drew the line, and told UK oil company Soco to leave Virunga  and it worked!

They've committed to end their operations in Virunga and remain out of all World Heritage Sites.

However, we still need your help to keep Africa's oldest national park safe forever. Help us hold the line.
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Earth Hour

Join the world's biggest celebration of our planet.

When the lights switch off at 8.30pm, it’s our planet’s time to shine…

Earth Hour celebrates our amazing planet. Each year hundreds of millions of people from across the world come together in a symbolic and spectacular light outs display.
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