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Forest campaign

All the timber and wood products we buy - from furniture to flooring to paper - started life in a forest somewhere. Trees were cut down, processed and sold to you as a door, a kitchen worktop or maybe a book. But not all wood comes from well-managed forests.

So how can we make sure that the products we buy come from the right wood - wood that’s sustainably produced without causing harm to people or wildlife?

Our forest campaign aims to make sure that all the wood-based products we buy comes from sustainable sources. We're working with business, government and civil society to ensure a long-term future for forest communities around the world.

Stop Forests Disappearing

Do you sell wood or timber products?

Support our campaign to make responsible forest trade the norm. We want to work with business to push the markets to trade in 100% legal and sustainable timber by 2020. Companies like Tesco, Penguin Random House and Carillion have already pledged their support  - find out more about the campaign and how to get involved.

Going shopping?

If you're heading out to buy some garden furniture, some charcoal for the barbeque or some timber for DIY - it's easy to make sure that you're not contributing to deforestation simply by looking for the FSC logo. Check out our top tips for shoppers.

Work for a local authority?

Almost a hundred local authorities have signed up to our pledge to improve their timber purchasing - which is great news, because the public sector is responsible for around 20% of all timber purchase in the UK. Find out how local authorities can help to protect forests.

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