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Change how you live

If everyone in the world lived like we do in the UK, we’d need far more than one planet to support us. Almost three Earths, in fact. It’s a way of life that’s threatening the future of our natural environment, as well millions of people around the world.

WWF puts pressure on government and industry to make the changes needed to alter our over-consuming lifestyles, and build a One Planet Future where people and nature thrive within their fair share of the Earth’s natural resources. We always need your help with our campaigning.

There are also simple steps we can each take to make our daily lives more sustainable, and help send a clear signal to government and industry that there's a demand and a need for change. 

A WWF staff member measuring a tiger track on an old logging road, Logas, Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Measure your footprint

Find out how many planets would be needed to support your own current lifestyle – then challenge yourself to live more sustainably.

Replacing a light bulb, Belgium

Save energy

Changing your light bulbs is just the start – but a good start – on the way to better energy efficiency and cutting fuel bills at home

An extraordinary 'rubbish island' in the Maldives. Thousands of tons of rubbish has been dumped here, and it now spills off the side of the island into the sea.

To buy or not to buy

We could all probably buy less stuff, and always choose to purchase eco-friendly products whenever possible.

An electric hybrid technology bus in London.

Think before you travel

It's all about trying to drive and fly less, and using trains, bikes and legs more often...

Farmers Market Vegetables

Think about what you eat

Healthy eating for you and the environment

MSC-certified sustainable fish

Buy sustainable seafood

Your choices of seafood can help ensure the sustainable use of our marine resources.

WWF hot air balloon above Amazon rainforest

Online forum

Swap tips with other people working to reduce their footprint.

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Couple in field in sunset

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