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Lily Allen visits the Amazon to support WWF and Sky’s Rainforest Rescue

13 May 2010

Pop star Lily Allen has gone to visit Acre, in the Brazilian Amazon, to raise awareness about WWF and Sky’s Rainforest Rescue campaign.

© Sky Rainforest Rescue

Singer Lily Allen recently visited the Amazon rainforest to generate extra attention for the work that WWF and Sky are doing to save one billion trees in the Brazilian state of Acre.

The Sky Rainforest Rescue project aims to protect over three million hectares of rainforest, to help combat climate change and preserve the unique habitat and species of the Amazon.

Lily visited Acre, in north-west Brazil, to see first-hand how WWF, Sky and the Acre state government aim to reduce deforestation there. She met local communities to find out how they make a living from and value the forest.

The Rainforest Rescue project works with local Acre communities to find new ways to earn a living from sustainable forest products, such as wild rubber. Lily visited a condom factory where rubber tappers can sell their produce for a fair price.

The road to rainforest rescue
Right now there’s a highway being paved through the area. Historically, road building has caused deforestation rates to increase. The Sky Rainforest Rescue campaign is supporting families along this road, to make the trees worth more standing than cut down.

As Lily explains: “Roads make it more accessible for illegal loggers and land grabbers to access the land, take what they want and then transport it. So supporting people in and around the communities alongside those roads acts as a sort of buffer to deforestation. If you can stop it at source it won’t progress.”

Clearing land for cattle ranching is one of the main causes of deforestation, so another key aim of the project is to help local farmers adopt practices that reduce pressure on forestland.

How Lily's Amazon visit helps
WWF’s project co-ordinator, Sarah Hutchison, says: “Lily’s trip to the Amazon helps to highlight the fact that the public can take real steps to halt rainforest destruction and benefit communities by donating to Sky Rainforest Rescue.”

Over the next three years, WWF and Sky will be working to raise £2 million for this important project. Sky has pledged to match all donations, pound for pound, to bring the campaign target up to £4 million.

You can support Sky Rainforest Rescue by sponsoring an acre of forest or adopting a jaguar from £3 a month. You can also make a one-off donation of any value. Just £20 can help save 1,000 trees.

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Research carried out in the Amazon rainforest, Peru

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