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Watch the world’s rarest rhinos – and help them survive!

28 February 2011

The Javan rhino is one of the most endangered large mammals on Earth. There’s believed to be no more than 50 left, perhaps as few as 40. As part of our vital work to protect the surviving populations, we recently captured incredibly rare and precious ‘video trap’ footage of four Javan rhinos – including two calves – in the jungle of Indonesia’s Ujong Kulon national park. Watch this unique footage – and then please make a much-needed contribution to our special fundraising initiative.

The latest video trap footage was recorded between November and December 2010. On close examination the clips seem to show two separate rhino families – two different adult females, one with a male calf and the other with a smaller female calf, perhaps only a year old.

It’s great news. It proves Javan rhinos are still breeding in the area.

Using camera and video trap technology, we’ve identified 14 Javan rhino births in the last 10 years. Research also focuses on population distribution, movement, genetic diversity, habit, diet and nutrition, as well as diseases and stress factors.

How we’re protecting Javan rhinos – and how you can help
We’re working with the Indonesian government, local communities and other specialist rhino conservationists to protect and monitor these animals, often using camera and video traps like this.

There are so few Javan rhinos left there’s a very real danger that disease or even a tsunami or volcanic eruption could wipe out the entire population in Ujong Kulon. If we lose this population, we’ve essentially lost the entire species.

Poaching used to be a big danger there too, but thanks to coordinated efforts by park authorities and rhino patrols, there have been no poaching incidents reported since 1990. This requires constant vigilance, hands-on effort and resources.

WWF offices around the world are joining forces right now to raise much-needed additional funds for crucial on-the-ground activities to help these rhinos survive.

Our office in the USA is acting as the hub for this fundraising initiative. The link below will take you to their fundraising page, where you could simply donate in dollars – a $ is around 62p at the moment, so $25 is about £15. (Note that there may be a small admin fee for some non-US card transactions.)

Please help us save this critically endangered species. Your donation will help fund urgent projects – including an ambitious translocation plan to set up a second population in a new location – which could be the difference between survival and extinction for the Javan rhino.

You can…

Watch this exclusive Javan rhino video footage and make a donation to our dedicated Javan rhino conservation fund

Two young Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis)  crossing the river in Royal Chitwan National Park

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