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Stand with Brazil on Earth Day and say no to forest destruction

20 April 2012

Our SOSBrazil campaign to save Brazilian forests has been successful so far, but it’s not over yet. There may be another attempt to approve disastrous changes to the country’s Forest Law on Tuesday or Wednesday next week (24-25 April). And the millions of Brazilians who oppose forest destruction need your help. Join their demonstrations this Sunday, 22 April - Earth Day - by supporting the movement on Facebook and Twitter (use #SOSBrazil).

Protesters march through the streets of Brasilia in opposition to forest law changes.

The SOSBrazil campaign has done brilliantly. Few people believed in November last year that Brazil’s powerful agribusiness lobby could be stopped in their attempt to overturn the country’s exemplary Forest Law.

But despite the warnings of scientists and against the wishes of the Brazilian people to conserve their unique natural heritage, many politicians still remain determined to pass legislation that serves the interests of the rich and powerful. It’s thanks to you that they haven’t succeeded yet.

Because you stood in solidarity with millions of Brazilians who oppose these reforms, the final vote on the Forest Law was postponed last December, and twice more in March this year.

Thanks to you, the Brazilian government now realises that it’s not only millions of hectares of forest and billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions that are at stake, but also the global reputation of Brazil.

There may still be another attempt to approve this disastrous legislation on 24 and 25 April. WWF, in cooperation with more than 200 Brazilian organisations, including scientists, students, trade unionists, clergy, lawyers, as well as former Brazilian environment ministers, will launch a protest action in major Brazilian cities this Sunday, 22 April (which is also the annual Earth Day).

They’ll be calling on President Dilma Rousseff to halt the vote once and for all. And you can add your voice to the demonstrations on Twitter and Facebook.

The politics behind this campaign are complicated. But we know we’re making a difference. The pressure from within Brazil and around the globe has made it very difficult to pass these unjustifiable reforms. We hope we can count on you to stand with us in the crucial days to come.

We’ll be keeping you updated and providing ways to take action soon. In the meantime, please ‘Like’ us on Facebook, sign up for email updates, follow us on Twitter and spread the word with your friends


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