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Brazil Forest Code: clock is ticking for President Dilma

10 May 2012

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has until 25 May to decide whether to veto changes to Brazil’s Forest Code that will reduce protections against deforestation in the Amazon and other areas and offer wide-ranging amnesties for illegal deforestation. Stay tuned for some huge international action you can get involved in - details very soon...

Veto it Dilma - protest against changes to Brazil's Forest Code, Brasilia, March 2012

The 15-working-day period for a complete or partial veto on the Forest Code submitted by the Brazilian Congress started on Monday 7 May, when the bill was officially handed to the president. In absence of a veto, the new law would be sanctioned automatically once the deadline has passed.

Along with a broad alliance of more than 200 institutions from Brazilian civil society and international NGOs Avaaz and Greenpeace, WWF is strongly urging President Rousseff to veto the entire draft, recalling her promise from last elections not to approve any bill that includes an amnesty and favours forest deforestation.

Should Ms Rousseff veto the law - as a whole or parts of it - the Congress will have up to 30 days to consider the veto. The Congress can still overthrow the president’s decision during a joint session of the federal Senate and House of Deputies. This requires the absolute majority of votes from both houses.

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