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Queen’s speech - WWF reaction

10 May 2012

There were some encouraging elements in the latest Queen’s speech about the government’s plans to bring in legislation to help green the power sector, and to protect our precious rivers and streams – but now we need to see these being put into action.

UK Parliament

Commenting on the draft Water Bill, our freshwater specialist Rose Timlett says: “With half the country in drought and aquifer levels still resoundingly low, time is running out for the government to take action on water.

"The Water Bill ignores the need to reform the water abstraction system, a system that is currently unfair, out of date and a threat to our rivers and wildlife.

“Government also failed to cut through the red tape preventing water companies from installing water meters, a move that would save most consumers money, help save our precious environment from drought now and in the future, and save huge amounts of water from being wasted.”

Commenting on the Energy Bill, our climate team head Keith Allott says: “Reform of the UK energy market should be one of the government’s highest priorities. Backing jobs and investment in the renewable energy sector is also a golden opportunity for growth that the government should be grabbing with both hands.

“Four years ago David Cameron said we can’t afford not to go green, and nowhere is that truer than the energy sector. Energy investors are demanding a strong policy framework in support of renewables and a decisive shift away from fossil fuels - so this bill simply has to deliver.”

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