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Brazil's forest emergency - sign the Dilma petition today!

11 May 2012

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has until 25 May to decide whether to veto damaging changes to Brazil’s Forest Code - changes that will reduce protections against deforestation in the Amazon and other areas and offer wide-ranging amnesties for illegal deforestation.

Please take action today by signing and sharing this joint petition from WWF, Avaaz and Greenpeace - show president Dilma how much support there is for her to veto the changes.

The proposed changes to the Forest Code threaten Brazil’s recent successes in reducing forest loss, and compromise efforts to tackle corruption in the Amazon region.

Only a full veto from the president will safeguard Brazil’s forests and the global climate. President Rousseff officially received the bill this week and has until 25 May to veto all or part of it, or to allow it to become law.

Already nearly 1.5 million people from around the world have signed Avaaz’s petition calling on President Rousseff to veto the proposed Forest Code - this number is expected to rise dramatically in the next few days.

Likewise, hundreds of thousands of WWF and Greenpeace supporters have echoed the call on social media channels such Twitter, using #SOSBrazil and #VetaTudoDilma, and by posting messages directly to the Facebook page of the president’s political party, Partido dos Trabalhadores.

WWF’s director general, Jim Leape, says: “Over the past decade, Brazil has achieved stunning progress in reducing deforestation in the Amazon. We recognise that President Rousseff is under massive political pressure from those who would burn the forest for short-term gain, but we urge her to stand firm for the protection of the forest resources that are so vital to the future of all Brazilians, and the world.”

If Ms Rousseff does veto the change - or any part of it - Brazil’s Congress will have up to 30 days to decide what to do. The Congress can still overthrow the president’s decision - although that would require the absolute majority of votes from both houses of parliament.

You can …
• Sign the petition today
• Send the president a message on Facebook and/or Twitter (#VetaTudoDilma)
• Read the latest blog on the issue from WWF campaigner Danny Smits

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