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WWF Briefing for House of Lords Debate on Food Security

24 May 2012

Food security cannot be achieved unless we include sustainability and the natural resource base on which all our food depends.

The 2011 Foresight report Food and Farming Futures warned of a 'perfect storm' of competition for food, water and energy resources that presents grave threats to global food security in the coming decades. But there has not been a discernible shift in government policy or practice to reflect the urgency of the report's warning. The term 'food security' itself deserves close scrutiny since it is widely used to justify contradictory positions.

WWF welcomes the House of Lords debate as an important opportunity to put food security and sustainability higher on the political agenda.

The Rio+20 Conference provides opportunities to advance a global agenda on food sustainability and security, and more needs to be done in the UK too.

This WWF Parliamentary briefing was for the House of Lords debate on food security which took place on 24 May 2012.

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WWF briefing for House of Lords debate on food security