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WWF Wildlife Crime Scorecard

23 July 2012

International commercial trade of elephants, rhinos and tigers – and their parts and products — is almost universally prohibited by CITES, the international endangered species trade convention, however the enforcement of this restriction remains weak.

Front cover of the Wildlife Crime Scorecard report

Illegal trade in ivory, rhino horn and tiger parts is of major conservation concern. Black rhinoceros Under 24 hour armed guard due to risk of poaching Africa. While CITES mainly prohibits or regulates international trade, it has continued to expand its role to prevent illegal trade at the national level through the adoption of various “Decisions” and “Resolutions”. This is critical to ensure illegal trade at national levels does not lead to international trade dynamics that undermine the conservation of elephants, rhinos and tigers, in addition to the effectiveness of the Convention itself.

WWF Wildlife Crime Scorecard Report

Asian elephant, mother and young calf