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Biodiversity and people on the front line

25 July 2012

“Earth's natural systems will change significantly with the degree of climate change that looks likely from the current level of global mitigation ambition, and may no longer support much of life on Earth as we know it today.”

Front cover of the report 'Climate Change: Biodiversity and people on the front line'

This was the call to action from a meeting of senior scientists, conservationists and policymakers brought together at the Royal Society in London by WWF, the RSPB and Natural England to examine how the natural world is responding to climate change now and how it might respond in the future, and to explore what those changes mean for people and how we need to respond, both to limit the change and to adapt to a changed world. We’ve now produced a report from the meeting.

We’ve tried hard to make it short and readable, and we hope you’ll be able to have a look at it – particularly the foreword by Professor Sir Bob Watson, which sums up the key messages very well.

Biodiversity and people on the front line conference report

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